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Too bad you're ugly.

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Where you live:
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The Bands:
The Movies:
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Name 3 characteristics about yourself:
Something Interesting about you:
Why you think we should accept you:
Promote in at least one lj or community and show proof (a link):
Post one 100x100 picture for the user info:
The Pictures (at least 3):


___fuckyou___ - hot

___justmyluck - hot

__x_myheart - hot

__yay - hot

_deadlydance - hot

_keytothebomb - hot

_pukeface - hot

_quietstorm - hot

_yoyo_ - hot

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xmuffinmachinex - hot

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sharpiexwhore - deleted her post
rinigrove - ugly
_niecy911 - ugly
xoxo_me - ugly
gummiez - ugly
user_geek - ugly
xxljwhorexx - ugly
xx1nfam0usxx - ugly
_kissthatkills - ugly
_bloodyxsunday_ - ugly
cptrxthexmoment - ugly
lovesells - ugly
xx_staryelmo_xx - ugly
_screw_ - ugly
xletsxmoshx - ugly
_ohh_massacre_ - ugly
___vinylsticker - ugly
mlssmarymackk - ugly
mareena - ugly
i_can_cuz_imsam - ugly
crushedoutgrrrl - ugly
rainb0wtears - SIF


xx1nfam0usxx - for starting shit
crushedoutgrrrl - for being fat


When applying to this community, you must label your first entry "n00b". After you are accepted make the subject line whatever you want, just put (stamped) in it so no one gets confused.

You can't rate people or leave comments on any other entries except YOUR OWN until you are accepted. When you are accepted, you'll be stamped. ( stamps are as followed ) Also, when accepted & leaving your vote on other applications, bold your answer. ex: "yes" or "no". If you dont know how to bold them, you probably shouldn't even be in this community.

You do have to promote this community in atleast ONE other community, or make an entry about it in a personal entry for your friends to join.

You're first entry is based on your looks & your application, they're both 50%. But you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous to be accepted. Beauty comes in different forms, & we're not about to deny those who aren't cliche.

You can NOT delete a members comment on your post. You will be banned, and made fun of by all other members.

You don't have to be nice to other members in the community, but if it becomes a problem, you will be banned.

Please do NOT promote other communities, until you are accepted. If you are accepted make sure to promote this community in the community you promote on this site.

One last and IMPORTANT thing, we dont sugarcoat things, we are brutal and honest, we dont have to pretend to like to you. Knowing this if you still want to be a part of this community, fill out the application & make sure to include at least 2 pictures of yourself. ( pictures must be behind an lj-cut )

Most people will be accepted or rejected within 24 hours of their application.


Oh and, PLEASE don't be ugly.